Session: Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Overview
Time: 12:45-1:45

Facilitator/s: Richard John Jenkins / Jenkins@Adobe.com

Tech level: Beginner - Moderate Skills

Application level - All Teacher Tool

Learner should bring: Excitement to this session since you will learn how easy it is to create and edit powerful videos and share them with the world within minutes!

Session Description: Learn how to quickly and easily you can import video clips, still images and audio into cross-platform (MAC & WIN) Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and within a matter of minutes jazz your video up with special effects, transitions, text titles and credit rolls then easily share your movie masterpiece with the whole world!

ISTE NETS for Session:

Curriculum Connections/ Instructional Impact: Video and Digital Story Telling effects every aspect of a school/districts curriculum. From recording live webinars viewed off-line later to exporting video to multiple screens and multiple devices video is changing the way we learn and educate far & wide.

Session Objectives / Goal: To see firsthand how easy it is with Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to create video and then within minutes share your creation with the world.

Proposed progression for every session
2 Hour: (reduce by half for a 1 hour session)

  • 5 Intro
  • 5/10 Overview of tool
  • 5/10 Classroom/curricular uses of tool
  • 15/30 Instruction - Hands on
  • 20/40 Guided practice on personal curricular projects
  • 10/15 Sharing of projects to gain ideas and deeper understanding of tool uses