Blackboard for HS Science


Session: 4
Time: 2-3

Facilitator/s: Brent Olyowski

Tech level: beginner - moderate skills - advanced techie

Application level - K-6 7-12 All Teacher tool

Learner should bring: Open mind and suggestions for me

Session Description:

ISTE NETS for Session:

Curriculum Connections/ Instructional Impact:

Session Objectives / Goal:

12/14/2010 6:56:56 Brent Olyowski Evergreen High School Physics/Chemistry Teacher "Using BlackBoard to Enhance your Online Presence (and go paperless)

I think showing people how I use BlackBoard might spur some creativity and increase efficiency and organization for teachers. I use BlackBoard as my entire platform from content delivery to grading and everything in between. My class is paperless with the exception of two assignments. I also use the wiki and discussion board to introduce students to the concepts used in online learning. " Mid to High You could integrate standards 1-4 with the ways I use BlackBoard. I'll need access to BlackBoard. "1 hour is good enough unless you want to turn the session into setting up courses on BlackBoard which would take at least 2 hours and everyone would have to get the okay.