Time: 2:00-3:00

Facilitator: Teri Shelton

Second Grade Teacher, Innovative Technology Leader


Tech Level: Beginner

Application Level: K-6

Learner Should Bring: Laptop

Session Description: What is Google Docs? How can you use Google Docs as an educator, in the classroom with students, with teammates? Come join us to learn more about Google Docs and how you can use Google Docs in the classroom, with your students, and with colleagues in Jeffco. We will be looking at examples of how Google is being used in classrooms across the district. We will learn how to create a Google Document, Form, Site, and Calendar. We will be spending some time creating documents that you can take back and use in your classrooms on Monday!

ISTE NETS for Session:

(2) Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
(3) Model Digital Age Work and Learning

(5) Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Curriculum Connections/ Instructional Impact: Google Docs can be used across the curriculum in all areas and for a wide variety of purposes.

Session Objectives / Goal: You will learn how to use several components of Google Docs in the classroom. You will learn how Google Docs can be a powerful tool when collaborating with colleagues. You will also learn how to access and use other Google Documents created by teachers in Jeffco.

Session Outline (1Hour):

  • 5 Intro
  • 5 Overview of Google
  • 5 Classroom and curricular uses of Google.
  • 15 Instruction – How to Create a Variety of Documents Using Google
  • 20 Hands-On Practice: Create a Google Document that can be used on Monday.
  • 10 Sharing of projects to gain ideas and deeper understanding of Google Docs.