Session: Greenfoot Programming
Time: 2:00-3:00

Facilitator's name: Regina Peyfuss

Tech level: beginner/moderate programming skills and analytical thinking skills

Application level: 9 - 12 grade

Resources: www.greenfoot.org, Lecture Notes

Session Description: Greenfoot is a programming environment that can be used to learn and teach the principles of programming. It is flexible enough to be suitable for teenagers as well as older students. Greenfoot environment lets users develop graphical computer programs fast, such as simulations and games by using the Java Programming Language

Session Objectives / Goal: Become familiar with Greenfoot and how to use it for an introduction to programming/AP Computer Science class.

Proposed progression for every session

  • 5 Intro
  • 5 Overview of tool
  • 5 Classroom/curricular uses of tool
  • 20 Instruction - Hands on
  • 15 Guided practice on personal curricular projects
  • 10 Sharing of projects to gain ideas and deeper understanding of tool uses