Lunch at the Share Fair!

There will be a low cost lunch option provided for those who signed up in ESS prior to the event. By signing up we have accurate numbers to plan for our purchases. There may be plenty to go to others who didn't sign up, but we won't know until that day how many choose to stay on site. For those of you seeking credit, know that you are required to stay for lunch. You may certainly bring your own from home.

We will have a choice of pizza or sub sandwiches with chips, drink and baked goods. Cost is $5 per plate. Additional bereages are $1 and additional baked goods $0.25 each, chips $0.50 each. Please bring cash, but we can accept checks.

NOTE: During lunch we will have students showcasing their work around the perimeter of the commons area. Please take time to visit the students and see the work they have done.