PhET MS-HS Science

Session: Exploring easy and effective ways to use PhET's web-based interactive simulations in your science course.

Time: 12:45-1:45

Facilitator/s: Trish Loeblein ploeblei@jeffco.k12.co.us Evergeen HS science teacher and PhET curriculum specialist

Tech level: Doesn't matter

Application level - K-12 STEM

Learner should bring: nothing required

Session Description:PhET's FREE interactive sims ( http://phet.colorado.edu) help students understand science. This hands-on workshop will help you design or use inquiry-based lessons using these sims. Teachers who have never used PhET, want more information about the research behind the design of the simulations, or want more information about how to use PhET for science inquiry would benefit.,.

ISTE NETS for Session:
NETS•S-1- 4, 6
NETS•T-1, 2
NETS•A-2, 3
ISTE Standards http://www.isteconference.org/ISTE/2011/program/nets.php

Curriculum Connections/ Instructional Impact: PhET is a free resource of simulations including lesson ideas for STEM content areas

Session Objectives / Goal:
Participants will…
1. Become familiar with PhET simulations: What are PhET sims and who makes them?
2. Sim design and research: How can PhET sims help students learn?
3. Explore the variety of uses for online learning environments
4. Introduce research resources for teaching strategies from University of Colorado-Boulder

  • Introduce the PhET project and simulations
  • Group discussion about how they could be used for STEM content
  • Share how research drives the design of the simulations and recommendations for use
  • Explore ideas for how the participants could use PhET in their classes
  • Introduce ideas to information available from the Science Education Initiative at CU