Time: 930-1030

Facilitator: Susie Lackey - slackey@jeffco.k12.co.us
I am the Teacher Librarian at Arvada West High School. I am fortunate work with a staff that welcomes taking technology risks and is constantly looking for ways to locate the right tool for the task! We are all supported at every level by our building Technologist, Leah Lindblom. Check out our library webpage for examples of instructional learning that is enhanced through the application of technology tools. We are all learners together!

Tech level: beginner - moderate skills - advanced techie = all levels welcome

Application level - All Teacher tool that is applicable to all levels

Participants should bring: (optional) access to a content area related powerpoint, your own laptop/microphone

Session Description: Explore Voicethread and see the "spice" it can offer to individual/group projects, and power points. We will explore the website to uncover the features of Voicethread as well as create one!

Check these out!


Some voicethread links for today:



Additional curricular links:



ISTE NETS for Session:

Creativity and Innovation: 1a,1b
Communication and Collaboration: 2a,2b,2d
Research and Information Fluency: 3d

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity: 1a,1c,1d
Design and Develop Digital Learning Experiences and Assessments:2a,2c,2d
Model Digital Age Work and Learning: 3a-d
Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility: 4a-c
Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership: 5b, 5c

Curriculum Connections/ Instructional Impact:
  • VoiceThread allows students to demonstrate comprehension and synthesis of ideas in multiple content areas. This will be evidenced by VoiceThread examples from Child Development. Earth Science and Spanish classes.

Session Objectives /Goals/Agenda:
1. To explore the Voicethread website (5 minutes)
2. To learn about the features of Voicethread (10 minutes)
3. To create a Voicethread (40 minutes)
a. Create a two slide powerpoint introducing yourself (Slide 1) and telling about one technology tool you enjoy personally (cell phone, flash drive, flip video, etc) and save it on the desktop. You will be uploading this to the Voicethread you will be creating!
b. www.voicethread.com and register
c. Sign in and click on "Create" and you will upload your powerpoint slides from your desktop
d. Following the steps 1-2-3, next you will comment.
Name your VoiceThread before you comment.
Comment options: Phone, type, record
e. Following the steps: next you can share.
f. Publishing Options: make public, etc.

Time permitting: project gallery walk, share links with me (slackey@jeffco.k12.co.us) for posting to our wikispace.
4. To determine a way embed Voicethread into existing instructional content (Ticket out the door)

* Content connections will be posted on our wikispace page.

** Session created project links to Voicethread will be posted on our wikispace page.