Wonderful World of Wikis!


Session: 3
Time: 12:45 - 1:45
Facilitators: Annie Evans and Chalee McDougal
Tech level: Beginner, Moderate skills, Advanced techie
Application level: K - 12, Teacher tool

Learner should bring: Laptop, if you have one.

Session Description: Learn how to use WIKIs as a collaborative teacher-to-teacher tool, a tool to increase student achievement, motivation and participation, and as a teaching tool. Students and teachers alike will have unlimited access to the learning environment and their work. WIKIs are a great way to create student portfolios for a variety of classes at once, and continue them throughout their school career. Come and explore the many options of the WONDERFUL WORLD of WIKIS!!

ISTE NETS: Nets for teachers 1 - 5, Nets for students 1 - 6, Nets for administrators 1 - 5

Curriculum Connections/Instructional Impact:
  • Teacher-to-student: Use WIKIs as collaborative, engaging, instructional tool
  • Student-to-teacher: Use WIKIs for portfolios, discussion boards, content collection, and much more!
  • Teacher-to-teacher: Use WIKIs as an online PLC

Session Objectives/Goal: Learn how to utilize wikis as a teaching tool to maximize student engagement and achievement - a perfect environment for your 21st century learners! You will learn how to set up and utilize both classroom and student wikis, teacher-to-teacher sharing wikis and more!

Proposed progression:
  • Intro
  • Overview of tool
  • Curricular use
  • Hands on/guided practice
  • Sharing and closure