Here is some quick info to get you started on Wikispaces.

Why Wikis?

Wikis are collaborative websites. Most sites we user daily are created by only one user. Wiki website can be created by many individuals enabling the creation of a large body of co-created knowledge.

First, Sign up it's free
When you get to this page link, request membership. You will be approved within 24 hours and be able to get editing.

join.pngOnce you join the wiki you need to request permission to join in order to edit.

As a presenter you will be given a page for your session. Please stick to the outline for each session so attendees are assured similar resources. During your class and beyond, encourage your participants to post resources and examples of student work on this page. This way the wiki can serve as a place to look back and retrieve ideas and links.




Editing is easy. Every page has an edit tab at the top of the window. Once you click on EDIT you will see an editing Toolbar. This is universal and easy to figure out to format text, inserting images, tables and links etc. Experiment a bit.


Discussion option

Each Wikispace page has a discussion tab along the top edge. You might want to model use of this discussion feature with your class. Remember to tell participants that there is a tab for EACH page, not just one page discussion area.

How to get help

Wikispaces is not a fully supported tech tool in Jeffco. This page has some resources to make it easy for you. If you have questions you can email Alison Saylor for help. It's a really pretty easy tool and very valuable for classroom uses.

Classroom use

Get your own free Wikispace for your classroom.
Wikispaces gives K-12 teachers ad free wiki pages:

Editing how-to

General instructions on page editing

Here is a great overview video for Wikispace use

More on Wiki uses for teaching

Please add your own tips to help newbies learn Wikispaces!